Interakt - participant

Supporting others is part of our culture at InteraKt

Caring for others isn’t just something we see as essential, it’s part of what makes us human. We can only really flourish when we nourish the lives of others, connection and relationships are fundamental to our ongoing development and internal happiness.

Below are some of the ways the team at InteraKt offers their support:

Looking after wildlife
We are crazy about wildlife at InteraKt and love watching the birds in the surrounding woodland. We decided to make fat balls for our feathered friends, and then spent an afternoon strategically planning which trees to hang them from.  This was a huge success (not just for us but for the greedy birds too!) and is something we plan to repeat every winter.

Protecting our planet
Does the planet need more plastic? Not according to us it doesn’t! We are always looking at ways to use less plastic and we recycle wherever we can. For us it’s just another opportunity to be creative – making bird feeders out of bottles is one of our favourite inventions so far!

We have also taken part in Green Peace projects, providing the government with essential research information to challenge the efficacy of laws about one-off plastic usage.

Grow, grow, grow!
We had so much fun growing sunflowers from tiny seeds this year.  Our aim was to learn about the process of planting and growing, understand how we could benefit the wildlife in the process and recognise that plants depended on us for survival. Our tallest sunflower was over 2 metres tall!

Community support
We also volunteer our gardening skills at a local care home for the elderly. The residents enjoy coming out and chatting with us, and we love working alongside them to make their garden a beautiful place to enjoy.


Interakt - VP singing

As well as this, we regularly visit a preschool in Thatcham, supporting the staff and children with activities; breaking down barriers between the mainstream and disability community through supporting others.

Watch this space
Our team are constantly looking for ways to enrich the lives of others and that doesn’t just include our local community.

One of our fabulous volunteers spends time living in both Newbury and Estonia. We are working through plans to connect with a centre for ​​adults with learning disabilities just outside her village in Estonia. Helping our participants at InteraKt understand how the disability community is supported in another country is a rich source of learning. There is already much excitement at the prospect of sharing daily activities and experiences with another country via Zoom!

“As a social worker in West Berkshire, I would like to commend the unique work provided by InteraKt. The use of the performing arts has a transforming effect… promoting creativity, confidence, problem solving, and relationship-building”

Ruth Hampton, Social Worker