Arts and Crafts

Alleviate stress and anxiety and express emotion through your art

  • Support the drama group by making costumes and scenery
  • Showcase your creative talents at exhibitions
  • Be part of our fabulous annual themed fashion shows


Sing to communicate, and use music to strengthen speech, language and concentration

  • Discover and experience a multitude of musical styles
  • Recreate your favourite songs with musical instruments and rhythmic sequences
  • Be part of our community band

Film and IT

Inform understanding through highly captivating visual techniques

  • Learn an array of techniques including scripting, filming and editing
  • Document events and produce DVDs for marketing purposes
  • Take part in local and national film competitions


Through self-expression we are empowered to fulfil our potential

  • Explore new worlds through your own imagination
  • Develop communication skills with others
  • Learn theatre technology including lighting, stage management and set design


Develop fine motor skills, thinking processes and emotional well-being

  • Gain core strength and stability
  • Develop imagination and confidence
  • Present, perform and take part in choreography

Living Skills

Develop independence on an individual and interpersonal level

  • Travel training
  • Develop numeracy and literacy
  • Proactive support in volunteer and work experience


Performing Arts, DanceMix, InterDance and Friday Fun clubs

Interakt - VP singing

Performing Arts - Monday 7pm-8.30pm

We have exciting plans for this group, with the development of ReaKt Theatre, our brand new theatre company. Keep watching this space or contact Tsippy for more information.

Technical and marketing opportunities are available for the non-thespians, all abilities welcome.

DanceMix - Thursday 5.45pm-6.45pm

A varied mix ability group with a focus on exploring how to combine sensory improvisation and sequencing.

This class supports older and younger students (16 plus).

InterDance - Thursday 7pm-8.30pm

In this session, the group explore a variety of dance genres and eras from around the world.

The skills developed are in presentation, improvisation, memory, sequencing, choreographing and performing; valuable skills to learn when dancing and to take forward into everyday life.

Fun Friday club - Friday 3pm-5pm

Fun Friday club produces opportunities for our participants to create and develop skills through fun activities and games, including virtual reality. Being based at Newbury Rugby Football Club has many advantages, not least the access to an enormous outside field! We play rugby, football and more when the sun is shining and when the British weather makes us retreat to the warmth of indoors, we simply take our games inside.

Whatever and wherever we play, we promote teamwork on every level - a brilliant way to kick start the weekend!

Healthy snacks and drinks included.

We are always busy with new activities and events!
Keep up to date with all the latest by visiting us on social media.
We look forward to seeing you there!